White adorns

 Curling ribbons on

No longer on her head

 But grasped in hand

    Enjoyed waves

     Kissing feet




~ Halowine Coelho.

My first Diamante Poem


She awoke beady eyed and bushy tailed To check the box for letters he mailed

Eager for news from a far away land On Monday Morns that he would send

But today all she got was a SHOCK The SOLDIER was no more,her SON ,her ROCK

She sobbed with jerking motions,shaking convulsively Where,what,how…..she had no notion

Blinded with tears,walking indecisively She headed for her bed and lay there quietly

Wishing she was with him…to ease the pain Hugging his sleeping little son,does ease the pain

Halowine Coelho


Waiting with bated breath to see Fruit of my love and labor finally

Howling,sobbing into the world At first sight he had me sold

Suckled,nestled goes to sleep Into my heart he does creep

My bonny boy,I look on with a wow Wonder what he will grow into and how

An infant,toddler,tween and a teen From adolescent to a man he has been

Never an unkind word or deed Son you were always born to lead

By Halowine Coelho for my son Nigel


A better time,a slower pace,a sweeter home Bustling in the kitchen,divine smell of Mom

Time for hugs,kisses and walks Remember fondly all our talks

Wish I could touch,smell or see you Well its now possible,I’ve become you

The same hearty laugh,the same crinkles The same recipes and also the wrinkles

Now when I look in the mirror Miss her not,for I can see her

Halowine Coelho. —


Soldiering on across the terrain
He looks at the moon and sighs

Whilst a continent away,his wife
Stares at the moon and pines

Holed up in a cave with a turban
Fighting for a cause only he knows

Eyes the crescent moon counting
The days when he will be embraced

Sobbing her heart and praying aloud
She begs,the return of her beloved

Two sides of a scenario,both seem right
While the Fair Moon shines on equally

~ Halowine Coelho.


Waiting for that perfect moment?
It is now,not tomorrow,but today

Waiting for that perfect place?
It is there before you to be seen

Waiting for the perfect job?
Just appreciate the one you have

Waiting for the right person?
Now is the time to look

~ Halowine Coelho.


Even as a babe in arms,one truly feels
A sense of belonging with our families

Meal times,festivals,parties galore
Cements this bond forever more

Blessed are we,if we do have this
Treasure most precious

~ Halowine Coelho.


We find our joy in little things
If only we look at them

With the eyes of a child
Wonder and exploration

It is not the trappings
Of this world of bounty

But it is the mind set
Of love and plenty